Thursday, July 21, 2005

You bastards...

"Small Explosions Rock London Tube Stations"

So the headline read as I fired up the computer this morning. I read on...
"The worst-case scenario with the non-explosions or minor explosions would be that these are devices that haven't triggered properly. Beyond that, it looks like it may be people messing around, copycat-type stuff," said analyst Shane Brighton of the Royal United Services Institute, a London think-tank
So, this is mostly amateur hour, copycat type stuff? Then how on earth did they manage to infiltrate the supposed security measure on the tube stations that were put in place after 7/7? Aren't there random security guards or screeners on the platform?

It also begs the question: who? Were these terrorist assholes again of the Muslim extremist varietal(possibly homegrown?), or were they little anarchist punks who find solidarity with the fuckheads who blow shit up when they feel desecrated? Since the explosions were small and obviously didn't do much in the way of damage, we should be thankful, but is there any way this anniversary bombing was masterminded by some leftist movement that wanted to take advantage of Red Ken's America-hating theory?

I read on...

One witness told Sky TV a passenger on a train near Warren Street underground station -- close to the scene of two of the July 7 bombs in central London -- had told him of a small explosion in a passenger's rucksack.
A source at the underground transport company said a nail bomb had exploded at the station.
Transport authorities said no injuries had been reported.
A Reuters witness said armed police entered and cordoned off University College Hospital in central London, adjacent to the underground station.
Sky News TV, quoting a police source, said the explosions were detonators rather than actual bombs.

They were so excited they forgot the explosives?
One witness who was on a train traveling through that station told BBC television that passengers had seen what could have been a would-be bomber running away after dropping a rucksack on the train.
Oh, for a Browning Hi-Power, eh Britain? Ever think about un-banning guns, so your "would-be bombers" can be dispatched by the populace they were so earlier trying to disrupt? Nah...
"Everyone was screaming for someone to stop him. He ran past me and I kind of stood in one of the alcoves and he ran out of the station. In fact he left a bag on the train."
Personally, while I wouldn't have acted like this witness, I also wouldn't tell the world that I hid like a little bitch when a terrorist ran past me, fleeing the scene after TRYING TO KILL US ALL!!!

I am beginning to fear that London and Britain may be too far gone to save themselves.