Saturday, July 16, 2005

Zombie Movies

I've been so over-saturated by news and blogs lately that I haven't had an original thought to pen here.

Until just now.

I just watched a few of the newer zombie movies, including 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

One thing I saw that set DotD apart from the other two - its setting.

Set in America, the characters were better equipped to deal with the zombie hoardes that descended upon them. They had guns. And unlike their British counterparts in the other two movies, they were able to lash out at the zombie buggers and blow them away. My favorite scene was in DotD when the gun store owner was picking off celebrity look alike zombies for fun. In the Brit equivalents the characters used cricket bats, baseball bats, shovels, croquet mallets, and at last, an antique rifle, to attempt to overcome the teeming masses. American characters racked the slide on 12ga shotguns, rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and other hand weapons.

Overall, the American movies contain more profanity, gore, and overall better offense than the Brits.

The Brit movies deal better with that sappy connection between characters. In 28 Days, they have seemingly no problems with killing infected friends and neighbors. In DotD, the inability to kill a loved one ultimately cost the lives of some of the group. The Brit movies also display much more prowess on the other side of the fight/flight coin - their characters are much better at running away. Granted, they weren't dealt the luxury of being holed up in a mega-mall from day One, but still.

And of course Shaun of the Dead is just frackin' hilarious! That gets the Brits extra points.

Still, it makes me want to go stock up on ammo, you know...for when the zombie uprising occurs. ;) Couple cases of 12ga and .223, plus lots of handgun ammo and long gun cartridges are on my shopping list for the next SoCal Gun run. 5000 CCI Minimags for when everything else runs out. Too bad I can't have one of those .50BMG's they outlawed here. Exploding zombie heads at 1000 yards would be just too cool. I'll have to settle for .30-06, .308 and .270 at 500+ yards or so.

So yeah, thats about that. I was bored. Thanks for listening...errr, reading.