Friday, June 17, 2005

Durbin doth protest too little!

Via Captains Quarters:
In one incident, an elite squad of 40 guards took over a maximum-security [unit] ... for the sole purpose of beating and terrorizing the prisoners. A jail investigator determined that the guards' misconduct was covered up by ... medical personnel, who filed false reports and refused or delayed treatment to the prisoners, and by the ... inspector general, who refused to cooperate with the investigation. In the other incident, five inmates in a special incarceration unit ... alleged that they were beaten by 20 or more ... as they lay cuffed and shackled on the floor.

[A] prisoner ... said he was beaten unconscious by guards who had wrapped handcuffs around their fists to make the beating worse. ... Several days later, the whites of his eyes were nearly obscured by the red from blood vessels that had ruptured during the beating, and deep lacerations were held together by staples that had been applied to his scalp. Late last year ... another prisoner ... told of being dragged by several guards through a fire of burning paper and debris that had been raging in the cellblock. His account of this abuse was substantiated by blisters and deep burn marks on his leg.
Wow, looks like the Left was right about Gitmo, huh?


These abuses, many times worse than loud music, A/C control or Koran mishandling, were perpetrated in Senator Dick Durbin's backyard - Cook County, IL. The transcript of the Senate hearing in which Durbin decried these outrageous grievances against human rights can be found at...wait...I'll find it...not there, either...hmmm. Oh, right - he never actually said anything about these abuses.

As CQ succinctly put it, "We'll start taking Durbin seriously when he calls for the National Guard in Illinois to take over the Cook County Jail and demands a federal investigation of his political ally Michael Sheahan, for years of allegations involving abuses much more profound than anything contained in that silly e-mail Durbin read on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday. Until then, chalk up Durbin's feigned moral outrage to the worst kind of political opportunism."

Until he realizes that beating someone silly is morally worse than picking a book up without gloves, his Senate seat should be auctioned on eBay. I'll pencil that seat in as an "R" after the next election.