Monday, December 12, 2005

Weird Day

I was standing in line at the taco shack tonight, waiting to negate my evening jog by consuming rolled tacos with guacamole (I love SoCal, where there is no such thing as bad mexican food) when a couple of latin wanna-be tough guys started hassling me.

Normally, I just let that kind of stuff slide. I was thinking "Do it when I'm getting into my car so I can get to my gun," tonight, though. They seemed a little more serious than normal.

I turned around and they're covered, head to toe, in blue. If you don't know, thats the Crip color. "Hmmm...a little on edge about loosing Tookie?" I thought. They were running their mouths, my hand was on the knife in my pocket when...

...the old guy behind them slapped the SHIT out of them.

It was awesome. I started laughing out loud. When I looked at them again, I could see they were no more than maybe 16, and the old guy was there dad. He was berating them in spanish, which I can understand better than speak, about acting right in public and getting killed at a taco shop by a white boy. Seems he noticed my right hand and what it was resting on.

Little bastards.

Is it a blue moon or are the planets aligned funny or something? Jeez, assholes are rampant today.