Monday, December 05, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Does anyone know where I can order nickel plated 1911 parts? I finally did the PPT for my friends 1911 tonight, and I'd like to order some parts before I pick it up in 10 days.

I'd like a beavertail grip safety, an ambi-safety, a trigger, an extended slide release, magwell and a hammer.

Any ideas? I'm considering buying the parts and having them plated and installed, but if they are available somewhere already, that would be clutch.

I'm thinking about replaing that ILS mechanism too and adding a flat mainspring housing.

Should be fun to work on it. It'll look great and be a good shooter/carry piece too.


I think this is funny. I broke down and started looking for a local gunsmith today. Check this out. #2 and #3 don't offer smithing, only #1. One gunsmith in my area.

They're going to look into turnaround time and cost of fitting and plating parts for my 1911. Basically, I'm looking at easily doubling the regular cost by asking that the parts be nickel, and the turnaround will go up too. (*Sigh*) The fact that I have this picture in my head of what the gun should look like finished isn't helping matters at all, ya know...thats the gun I want. The Tactical Pimp Special. TPS. Everytime I fire it, there will be a TPS report. Heh. Man, I need caffeine...