Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Hate My Union

I'm just absolutely steaming right now. I hate this goddamned job.(wav file)

I had decided to go to the union meeting today to beat them over the head with the common-sense-stick. Apparently, they had "Logic Blocker v.1.5.7" going full blast today. I'm still getting fucked out of my raise. And now, they tell me some changes they ratified back in the day affected something that causes something to change something in my job description, and I have to be re-classed, and they're going to hold my paycheck this month.

Motherfucker, WHAT?!?!

You have my money, including over 30 hours of OT I've put in already this month, and you aren't giving it to me...

...because you're an incompetant fucktard who failed to notify members of this impending change SOMETIME BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Great Jeebus Break-Dancing Christ. It's a wonder these retards have jobs. That affect mine...negatively.

"You have until Monday to ......" BITCH, IT'S THURSDAY! How the fuck can I get that shit done by Monday?!?! I swear she sounded just like Nina from Office Space, too. "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking...just a moment..."(wav file)

*Josh has temporarily checked out...he needed to go cool off for a bit...*