Monday, November 14, 2005


Wow, am I ever tired this morning. I guess racking up a combined total of 12 hours sleep since Thursday afternoon will do that to a person.

But it was all worth it.

I spent Friday at the range, working on tactical pistol shooting and getting my hunting rifle zeroed in. I'm gonna have to touch-up the rifle zero with the new rounds I'm going to buy for Ammo Day, but hey - any excuse for range time is necessary, since I'm kinda on the "outs" with the South Park Girlfriend right now...

I spent Saturday at my parents place, sorting out their ground squirrel problem with my 10/22 and installing a new washer and dryer. Let me tell you how much fun it is to be upside down behund a major appliance, holding a flashlight in your mouth and a wrench in your hand, getting everything connected up and working, to find that they supplied you with the wrong fittings and get a blast of propane in the face from the dryer connection. It was so indescribably fun, I'll never have to do it again to relive the feeling. I still have a headache 48 hours later.

I spent all night saturday playing poker. Let me tell you - this is getting to be like a second job for me. I haven't lost any significant money playing cards for about a year. I think the most I've dropped in any given night since I started playing seriously is maybe $200. Contrast that with the $900 I've taken in so far in November, and I'm doing pretty "OK." So I won a tournament and a cash game Saturday night, playing till about 4am.

Sunday, I get up at 7am (3 hours sleep) to play golf with some friends - and I actually tie for first! WTF, guys - you can't beat me after I've been out all night, you don't stand a chance when I take care of myself. Then I watch football and play more poker until about 1am this morning, only to be up and at work a couple hours ago.

With caffeine, life would be pretty sweet today. I need to go throw a pot of coffee on soon. And email the girlfriend.

Have you ever had those relationship issues spring up that you had no idea where they come from, and then you find out that they stem from some long-lost friend's sister's impression of you when you were drunk at a high school prom party? Thats where I am right now. And I am apparently wrong. I need to be a different person, and she needs to make me that person. There is no chance that that drunken, single me that hit on her friend 6 years ago is gone, replaced, basically - no, that possibility doesn't cross her mind. It's either change me or ditch me. And me, well I can see how she might think I think her roommate is a bitch because TA DA! her roommate is a bitch. It's pretty much over. And to think...I taught her how to shoot.