Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dear California Voters:

Thanks very much, you socialist fuckwits. To the 53.45% of you who voted "No" on Prop 75, I want to personally thank you for limiting my rights and my free speech while preserving the monopoly the top-heavy beauracratic unions have forged.

Not only do I not have the words to thank you, but I won't have the fists and feet either, next time I see that bumper sticker on your 1978 Honda CVCC painted bright yellow parked outside a head shop, you fucks.

I want to thank everyone who voted "NO" who isn't or has never been a union member. Thanks - I'm sure all of your first hand experience really helped you formulate an opinion. To be sure, it wasn't those attack ads and campaign buttons, was it? No, your vote wouldn't be that easily swayed.

To all the 18+ students out there whose teachers and professors urged you to vote NO on 75 - thanks. I'm really glad to see that public school education is paying off for you. "But Mr Mackey, if they have to ask your permission, isn't that a good thing?" "Alright boys, mmkay, I want you to stop all that loose talk and drink this koolaid, mmkay?"

Mostly, I want to thank the union shills, sellouts and useful idiots - congratulations. You bought everything they said, never had to think critically, basked in the vitriolic radiation of their rhetoric and defeated a proposal that would have benefitted YOU! As an aside, I have some beach-front property in Arkansas to sell you - contact me using the mail link on the sidebar or by leaving a comment I'll delete immediately.

So "Thanks" for preserving the status quo and letting the little guys, the public employees that don't have any other choice, get repeatedly shafted.

Make no mistake about it, though. You have awakened a sleeping giant. I don't mean my jeans are getting tight - I mean watch your backs. Every union budget meeting, every forum, every goddam day between now and hell freezing over - I will be there. I will question your absolute moral compasses, I will question the union reps and idiots, I will mock you all for your stupid answers and I will generally disrupt your cushy, lazy, fat union-protected lives for as long as it takes for you assholes to realize what you've done.

And keep your sweaty, hairy palms away from my money. I won't warn you again.