Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dear California Voters Pt. 2:

I see that you all are a bunch of morons up in the north part of the state. It's a good thing that you live in an area that isn't likely to be struck by a devastating natural disaster or civil unrest anytime in your oh-so-bright futures.

You see, when something like this happens in SF, you are going to be screwed. Sorry, I didn't mean to say it that way - you will be fucked, is what I meant to say.

Why? Well, lets see...

You will be unable to defend yourselves. You will be, effectively, disarmed. No, I'm not talking about during some Red Dawn fantasy scenario or the mythical zombie uprising I'm waiting for - I mean when the criminals realize they are the only ones that are armed. That's when you're fucked - literally, perhaps, as the criminals break into your homes and have their way with you or your wife or your 13 year old daughter.

Sound like fun yet? You voted for it!

When the next earthquake levels SF - and it will, easily within the next 10 years - you're going to experience a level of fear and discomfort you've never before known. Roving bands of looters and criminals will victimize you at will, literally on a whim, because you will not be able to stop them. Hopefully your police won't be led by Eddie Compass, but you never know what you crazy, enlightened liberal thinkers will do on your next trip to the polls.

Thats gonna be a blast.

And you all voted for it!

So, thanks guys, for nullifying the second most important freedom our founding fathers granted us. Thanks for understanding that the fight-or-flight response should really just be flight in that utopian society you've created up there.

Just one thing, if you please: Stay up there. Stay out of the south, and keep your crap legislation to yourselves. You like being a victim? Fine. I don't, so bugger off.