Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Year 5

I'm now in Year 5 of college - the graduate student phase that will not yield an MA because Year 6 will consist of dropping out and going to law school.

I have never - NEVER - seen academia described as accurately as this. I swear on my life, these people do exist in every institution. I have been ostracized for everything about me, down to the mundane fact that I own a dog, by people like this.

Go. Read. Now.

When you're done laughing and crying, come back and feel sorry for me. These are some of the people I've PAID to listen to for the past 5 years.

What, you don't want to click? You don't believe me? Fine, heres an excerpt:

Tina: “Greg, remember what you were telling me yesterday about your grading system? Would you like to share it with our teaching list?”

Greg: “Grades are competitive and competition ruins the cooperative nurturing environment necessary for education, so I ask students what grades they think they should get, and that’s what I give them.”

Tina: “Competition is so destructive to effective learning, I’m so very glad you do this, Greg!”

Then everybody jumped in, and the stupidity began.

“Don’t they all want As?”

“Yes.” (Nothing else: just this).

“Do you conference with them first, and ask them in conference?”

“No, I ask them in class on the first day.”

“That’s such a GREAT idea! That way, you effectively destroy the competition before it begins!”

Go. Read. Now. I can't stop laughing.