Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Book Review...sorta

If you're looking for a fast and fun read, but you don't want to get involved in a story line that progresses through several books, or get too philosophical, or read too much, or...well, if you don't really want to work to turn the pages, I may have a suggestion.

Now, this won't be for everybody. I think it requires the reader to be a little bit gullible and allow themself to be taken in by the ruse. It also deals with what may be my favorite movie subject matter.

And it talks about guns and tactics.

There are pictures.

And fun anecdotes.

If that sounds like it might be interesting, you may want to pick up...

Usually, I'm all for more involved reads (there's a reason I was a Lit major), but I picked this up on a whim and just finished it for the third time in two weeks.