Friday, November 04, 2005

Let the Moaning Begin

Bitching, too.

How many people are going to start whining about this?
FEMA projects that it will spend a total of $41.4 billion in Louisiana, about $9,000 per resident. Federal law requires state and local governments to pay a portion of disaster relief costs. That share can be as much as 25%. The $3.7 billion estimate is roughly 9% of FEMA's projected costs in Louisiana.
You know, I really feel for the people in LA. It's not their fault they elected stupid officials - it is, but they didn't realize how stupid they were until it was too late. It's not their fault they ignored the warnings - they live in an "entitlement" society, where personal responsibility is almost taboo. It's not their fault..."Bush hates black people"..."Halliburton dynamited the levees"..."FEMA workers ate black babies."...pick your excuse or conspiracy theory.

The fact that states are required, by law, to pay back some of the necessary rebuilding costs shouldered by FEMA is not new. It has happened before, and never been a blip on our radars. Something tells me that's not going to be the case this time.

I'm predicting an Al Sharpton telethon to raise money so the hurricane victims don't "fall prey to the evil BushCorp." Somehow, this is going to get spun to look like the President created this new legislation out of thin air to further inconvenience Gov. Blanco or to "keep the Black man in a perpetuositous state of poverty and caucasoid imperialism." They won't mention that the gov't could bill them another 150% on top, if their conspiracy theories were true. Feh.

Something like that.

Daily Kos reactions...I love the comments!

DUmmies weigh in.

I have to wait a bit for the pure, seething hate comments to start rolling in...