Thursday, October 27, 2005

That Does It

I wrote before about how I disliked my union rep and opposed prop 75. I even expanded on my previous thoughts at one point. This week just takes the cake.

First, a union shill shows up at my home last night. They pull into the drive, get out with a yard sign and a hammer, and approach the lawn. WTF, are you crazy? I go outside before she can get there to ask her what the hell she's doing and she looks at me stonefaced.

"Well, we're giving yard signs to union members to oppose 75, 76, and 77."

I point out that I don't oppose those measures, so she can use that sign for someone elses yard, but it's not going up in mine.

She flips out.

Long story shorter, she was so flabbergasted that someone could not buy into the "hidden agenda" argument and union scare tactics that she left in a huff and forgot to take the sign with her. Now I have something to play with.

In other news, I KNOW I'm on the right side of this argument now.

Opponents of a special election initiative aimed at reducing the political clout of unions got support Wednesday from two of the nation's best known Democrats - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former vice presidential candidate John Edwards.

Proposition 75 is favored by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and got recent support from Arizona Sen. John McCain. It would require public employee unions to get annual written permission from members before dues could be used for political purposes.

Clinton and Edwards sent e-mails to California voters on their supporter lists, urging a no vote on Proposition 75 during the Nov. 8 recall election.

Hee hee...thats the best thing they can do is not vote. It lets people like me actually have our voices heard rather than be overruled by 3000 poli-sci students who vote the way their teacher says.

It gets better:
"The strength of our democracy depends on voters' faith in the fairness of the process, that everyone has a right to participate," Clinton wrote. "In taking away the rights of public employees, and only public employees, Proposition 75 would weaken our democracy. It would undermine the work and the rights of teachers, firefighters and health care givers."
Have you even read the text of 75, you whorebag? The thing that proposition 75 will ensure is that every employee in a public union - teachers, firefighters, police, etc. - will have the oppurtunity to opt out of political contributions from the union to historically leftist causes. If they choose to opt in, fine; Prop 75 gives us a way to opt out that we don't already have. Yeah, we can withdraw from COPE, but those funds only pay for part of it. Our normal dues go to paying the hacks that make my life miserable. It doesn't take away our rights - what the fuck happened to my right not to pay some clowns salary that I would otherwise throttle with a garden hose? Thats my union rep. I can't opt out of the union, so at the very least I can stop them from using my money to support political stances I oppose. It would undermine our work? How? How is our efficiency and effectiveness at fighting fires or teaching kids going to deteriorate as a result of fewer paid shills going door to door with YARD SIGNS?!?!

Edwards talks about the "double standard." The difference is that when a private corporation opens up the coffers and gives a political contribution, they do it with their money. They report to their stockholders, who can veto some contributions, and employees are encouraged to make their own donations. With us, PUBLIC employees, the contributions are coming out of MY checkbook, which is filled with tax payer money. That's what it boils down to - corporations donate with revenue from business, unions donate revenue from taxes.

And lastly, the money shot.

Todd Harris, spokesman for Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team, said the governor's campaign was criticized earlier this month when McCain came to California in support of Schwarzenegger's "year of reform" ballot agenda.

"Sen. Barbara Boxer said it was a sign of desperation that we would bring an out-of-state senator here to campaign," Harris said. "If they were right, they must be extremely desperate to bring in two."

I look forward to passing this measure. With idiots like Clinton, Edwards and Boxer firmly against the bill yet urging voters to stay home, we can't help but win.