Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween: LIve Blogging

6:11pm Pacific
Still not much trick or treater activity. Fully dark. Time to suit up.

6:56pm Pacific
Tricksters out in full force. I just terrified the little bastards that knocked over my trashcans and came inside to award myself with a beer and check the MNF score.

7:16pm Pacific
Gunshots about 3-4 blocks away. Not firecrackers but not medium-bore, either. Probably some kid with his .22, the idiot.

7:20pm Pacific

8:03pm Pacific
Some kids parents just threw a half-full Big Gulp in my yard with me lying in it. Boots are now wet...and getting sticky. Gross.

8:48pm Pacific
Boots are really sticky

9:24pm Pacific
Got bored, changed clothes. I saw one kid in the last 20 minutes. I quit. I only got three good scares this year. I may not even bother next year if it keeps going down like this. Prison Breaks on. Damn Randle El on the Steelers just cost me this weeks Fantasy Football win - 3 more points!!

end liveblogging...