Monday, November 28, 2005

Ecosystem Rankings

I see that, over the weekend, the Bear at TLB has done some maintenance to the ecosystem and it's changed some rankings around. I was "Squishy Roadkill" in the TLB ecosystem, but I have since devolved into a "Whale's Vagina," which we all know is the German translation of San Diego, so it fits me well.

Please, spare the jokes about my new ranking. You just wish you were as big a pussy as I am.

In other news, I may be having a couple friends of mine start guestblogging here occasionally. These are guys (and girl!) I hang out with offline, so needless to say we share many of the same interests. Plus, they're lazy and don't want to set up their own blogs.


I know I've been lax in posting lately, and I know my 7 readers need more MORE words of wisdom on various subjects ranging from the laden airspeed velocity of non-migratory African swallows to how best to chop a tree down with a herring. Therefore, I am going to give you more, except that I won't be giving it to you, it will be someone else giving it to you.

I'm going to try and figure out how to denote their posts from mine. I also reserve all rights to edit or delete their posts without notice and to mock them mercilessly from my higher, yeah. Any obscene material will immediately result in either immediate expulsion from the blog, or if it's the girl, I'll buy her a beer after work. Either way, hopefully this works out.