Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A friend of mine posed a difficult question earlier tonight.
Do you want to buy my gun?
That's not so difficult in and of itself. I've been saving up for a gun for a while, and if I can help a buddy out by donating some cash his way, why not?

I know the condition of the gun - it's pristine. I've fired it - very accurate. The price is very reasonable considering what he's put into it.

So whats the holdup?

Well, the gun in question is a Springfield 1911 Loaded in .45ACP. It's got about 5 Wilson mags that come with it, a rug and a lock...for $500. looks like...a New Orleans pimp gun. It looks good, but it wouldn't be the tactical 1911 I've been wanting.

He had Springfield nickel plate it for him. He then purchased a set of pearl grips from Springfield, the ones they put on that limited edition .38 Super that I wanted real bad.

Screw it. Dillemma over. I'll buy it and buy a .38 Super conversion and turn it into that pistol I've wanted since SHOT 2003.

Sometimes you just have to put it down on paper to figure it out...

This is the .38 Super in question. I'd have an exact clone of it for close to 1/2 Springfields MSRP. Sweet...