Monday, November 21, 2005

Brotherly Competition

This reminded me of the typical argument my bro and I have every year around hunting season.

Me: ...yeah, and we're leaving Thursday. Hopefully we bag a couple hogs this weekend.
Bro: What are you taking with you?
Me: Uh, well...sleeping bag, flashlight, guns, amm-
Bro: No, thats not what I mean. What are you hunting with?
Me: My rifle. Same as always.
Bro: Pansy.
Me: Fuck you, douchebag.
Bro: Why don't you hunt on even ground. A club or a big ass knife or something.
Me: Uh...cuz I don't have a deathwish?
Bro: Or you don't have any balls. Lot of skill it takes a shoot something from hundreds of yards away.
Me: You should know. You couldn't even get on paper at 300yards last year.
Bro: That's beside the point. I'd face him like a man. I'd kill him or he'd kill me.
Me: So why aren't you coming with us?
Bro: I, uh, have to work this weekend.
Me: Riiiight. How about you use my .44 and handgun hunt them within 20 yards. That'd even it up.
Bro: Yeah, that might be kinda fun...
Me: Pussy.

Wanna be tarzan. Still, he's my bro.