Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Backup Bear Gun

How sweet would it be to have your backup gun chambered for the same round as your bear rifle? Pretty damn sweet.

Not a huge fan of a 7.5" barrel, but it'd work for a cross draw rig. I might even go so far as having it chopped down to 4.5" or 5" - wherever the guide rod ends. I'd also - likely - have it coated in a low-glare matte finish and ditch the scope mount. I know - a travesty. But I'm thinking in terms of practicality. Shorter, handier, stealthier and with ammo compatibility. Kick like a mule and burn my eyebrows off, but put that bear down and I'll love it forever. So far, it's the only .45-70 revolver I know of.

A .45-70 go with a .45-70 Guide Gun.

Heh. Sweet.