Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Day 1366

I took the gun out to the range today, to get it some fresh air...and t' see if I could induce a gun-rage incident. I thought "Maybe if I proverbially lead the horse to water..."

The range officer looked at me funny when I kept urging my gun to shoot rather than doing it myself. I didn't care, I had a point to prove. I told him I was trying to find out how many times I could get the gun to fire on its own as part of a campaign to debunk the Brady myths and he started laughing. "You know, I read something similar to that on a weblog last week."

Color me shocked. Was it mine? I didn't have the balls to ask.

Anyway, I saw an article via Alphecca today that I wanted to try and disprove.
According to the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, if you have a gun at home, it's at least 20 times more likely to end up accidentally shooting you than it is to protect you from an intruder.
We'll just see about that, pilgrim. I took 2 boxes of .38sp and 1 box each .38+p and .357 with me and I shot it all at Q targets. The way I see it, I just shot 200 paper intruders. If the Brady empirical data holds, my gun should be shooting paper mes 4000 times tonight or sometime soon. If we count all of the rounds I've expended in my life, then all of my past and present guns will shoot me something like 800,000 times in the next few days.

Keep an eye on the news. I may not be able to survive that many accidental shootings and still blog about it.

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