Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long Days

It has been a loooong couple of days. Some family issues and some other, more intense conflicts have kept me from writing anything much. The couple times I did try to write something, Blogger didn't let me post it up. Once was their fault, once was mine. Or rather, it was the fault of a third party who created a situation that I'd rather have avoided. Steal my wireless internet will you, you bastard...

I tried to get out and go shooting today, but Mother Nature seemed to think it was a bad idea. All week, it's sunny and warm. This morning, its rainy and cold. Forecast for tomorrow - sunny and warm. WTF?

So instead of going shooting with a bunch of friends, I went by myself to my indoor range. I put about 80 rounds downrange with the new California EBR, which I had decided to christen KDD, or Katie, for "Kalifornia Death Dealer." Not PC enough? I'm thinking of having it etched and painted on the blank side of the lower. Well, that or maybe a Punisher skull.

One of the posts that got lost into the Google ether had a bunch of links and whatnot to recommended reading for the weekend. I know I've been slacking, I've seen the traffic fall off, but I just can't make myself write something good or inspired or interesting. Maybe in the next day or two.

I never
thought I'd have nothing good to post for three days. *drinks* Watch the video.