Monday, February 13, 2006

The VP's ND

By now, everyone and their mother's dog has seen the story about Cheney shooting his hunting buddy.

I just can't bring myself to write anything this morning, as much as I want to. Instead, please check out these folks takes on the event.

Alphecca: Hey Cheney, Can I Call You 'Dick'?

Blogonomicon on The Dick Cheney Thing

Cowboy Blob's Take - Accident Nothing!

SayUncle says I Have To Mention It

The Texican Tattler echoes my sentiments

Xavier's Thoughts on the Incident

Last time I went dove hunting in Arizona I got showered a couple of times, and once I got a few more high-velocity pellets than I would have liked. 30 yards is pretty close, but I'd rather it be a 28ga than a 3" 12ga if I had the choice. Quail hunting is more difficult than dove, and they flush a lot closer to the ground. If Whittington was an inexperienced hunter and wandered into an area where flushing birds would be moving, or moved into a front quarter of the shooter, it'd be easy to see this happening. I may need to get one of these for next time I go hunting. What, they don't come in blaze orange?