Wednesday, February 15, 2006

La Resistance in CA

Well, it seems that the rallying cry of "Vive la resistance!" has succeeded in having the fatwhy removed from my blog. Thanks, gang!

Now I'll be directing La Resistance in a different, more important direction.

Via Marc and Uncle, I get disturbing news of the jack-booted thugs in Sacramento, trampling all over the citizens of the state and the rights this country was built on.

I'd been observing this thread at Calguns about the DOJ and their continued lack of respect for CA laws. Yes, the FFL had lower receivers stored outside their safe, which is a big no-no since the lower is the controlled component. However, now the DOJ is claiming that the receivers are "contraband" and refusing to return them.

Due to a lack of credible information, I can't really expand on those two basic premises of what has happened up until now.

I do know that DOJ JBT's have put the fear of God into FFLs here in sunny SoCal. A friend of mine, who wanted to purchase a rifle like mine, went to a shop to shoot the shit with one of the guys he trusts, and ended up being completely put off the whole thing. Words like "felony" and "confiscation" and "federal PMITA prison" can do that to your typical gun owner - that is to say, a law abiding citizen. Even though the information from the sales guy is incorrect, its still uncomfortable. There were also rumors, unsubstantiated, that all detachable mag semi-auto centerfire rifles are going to be banned. Mini-14's, M1A's, Kel-tec's and more. That's the rumor.

La Resistance is going to be watching this closely. I have a huge dog in this fight, and I don't take too kindly to law enforcement breaking laws to keep their boot on the neck of the populace. The law-abiding populace. Those of us who are keeping our nose clean and following the law to the letter are too often the victims of sweeping reforms designed to curb behaviors we don't exhibit.