Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Echo Bravo Romeo One-Fiver

Well, the California experiment rifle is pretty much done. Say hello to my LCW-15, or an AR-15 built on a Lauer Custom Weapons lower receiver.

All thats left is shooting it - something I plan to do a lot of this weekend.

However, I can't help but wonder at the current controversy surrounding these guns. With the CA DOJ trying its damndest to create a seperate tier of uber-assault weapons specifically for these newest guns, I just can't help but laugh a little bit to keep from crying.

I don't understand how they can make them "double assualt weapons." In CA SB23, they outline the features that would make a rifle an AW. Clearly, one of the requirments for any AW is a detachable magazine. Right there, this rifle and its pinned mag, should be exempt. I could conceivably see using a detachable mag after it's registered as an AW, but what they're attempting to do is require us to register our compliant, non-AW rifles as "assault weapons," and then prohibit them from having all the scary looking features they can now legally have.

I urge all readers of this blog, particularly the Californians, to ask your favorite gun right organization guy - "What are you willing to do to help 10,000 Californians that the DOJ is trying to screw?"

Yeah, I know there aren't as many of us being screwed by the current situation as, say, San Fran handgun owners, but by and large the people who purchased the CA legal EBR's are the ones who are the most aware of gun rights and the most outspoken proponents of the Second Amendment.

Hopefully, when this fight comes, the NRA and other RKBA .org's will have our back. I'm willing to pony up until it hurts to cover court fees, and so are a lot of other Californians, but without support from the most outspoken advocates, we'll be made to look like a bunch of militia wackos in the papers.

All for simply possessing a semi-auto version of the rifle our armed forces employ overseas. A completely legal rifle, currently unregulated, will essentially be banned because of how it looks. Our state officials will do what the national legislator wouldn't, because here - it's not political suicide. Not yet, at least.

DOJ Memo - not yet legislation, just intent. Something that I personally do not want to see happen. I've complied with all of the current laws, even self-limiting my magazine capacity to 5 rounds so as not to arouse any suspicion from anyone, DOJ or range monkeys included. But its not enough for them.

On a lighter note, I need to come up with a name for my rifle. Any suggestions?