Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Little pr0n Tonight

This one specifically goes to Marc. Notice some of the accessories...hehe.

This gun can trace it's roots back to the Eighties, when it was manufactured by Sturm Ruger & Co. It once served guard duty for the state of Arizona as a tower gun at one of the prisons. It moved to California in 1993 with a friend of mine, where he relinquished it to me 11 years later. The stock and mags are purely for show...that would never fly in CA. In fact, this picture was taken in an undisclosed location somewhere outside state lines.

The vest pictured behind it is my SOE Lightfighter vest. SOE apparently doesn't exist anymore - they changed their name, last I heard - but they made some of the burliest, best stitched web gear on the planet. I have winched myself up in my garage by the drag handle, just to test their assertion that it wouldn't come off. Absolutely fantastic gear.