Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oh, My Head

Check the timestamp at the bottom of the post. That's Pacific time. Subtract about one hour, and thats the time I got out of bed.

The monitor makes my head hurt right now.

Blew up the required M80's at midnight, started playing cards at two and stayed up until dawn. Mountain Dew Amp mixed with Jager will do strange things to your mind at 5am, in the middle of a poker tournament. I guess when you think you have the best hand, and you bet like you have the best hand, and everyone else sees that you think you have the best had and folds, then you flip your cards over to reveal dogshit, you know something is crosswired in your head.

Well Hello 2006. I hope you suck less than 2005. Or I'll wait exactly 364 days and kill you.