Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Day After The Day After Yesterday

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Since I've already placed my order, I can tell you about the great deals Midway has on Federal rifle ammo, specifically the 130gr .270 Win Barnes XLC loads my Tikka likes so much. I used my hundred rounds right there...before I stocked up on .22, .45-70, a couple boxes of .35Rem and a shitload of .40SW, 12ga and .223. I just didn't want to say anything sooner, lest another .270 shooter snipes all my ammo. I need them for hog hunting and big critter control. The XLC's are marvelous.

But I'm not done.

I will be in the Santee WalMart (the only one in San Diego that still sells ammo) at 1330 PST, buying a couple of boxes of .45ACP Whitebox and a copy of Red Dawn.

Heh. Now I need to clear some shelf space in my garage for all the new cartridges and ammo cans.