Friday, November 18, 2005

Radicals on Campus?

With thanks to Moonbattery, I can relate another college campus horror story.

This one is about a "radical" student group who would use their 1A rights to have a respected speaker come to their campus and hold a forum about the benefits of the Iraq war. Color me shocked that they think they can get away with such a thing.

Warren Community College student Rebecca Beach recieved a bit of a shock in response to her request for a professor to publicize the appearance of decorated Iraq war veteran, Lt. Col. Scott Rutter. She emailed Professor John Daly, a professor of English, at the college.

Here is his response, in it's entirety:
Dear Rebecca:

I am asking my students to boycott your event. I am also going to ask others to boycott it. Your literature and signs in the entrance lobby look like fascist propaganda and is extremely offensive. Your main poster "Communism killed 100,000,000" is not only untrue, but ignores the fact that CAPITALISM has killed many more and the evidence for that can be seen in the daily news papers. The U.S. government can fly to dominate the people of Iraq in 12 hours, yet it took them five days to assist the people devastated by huricane Katrina. Racism and profits were key to their priorities. Exxon, by the way, made $9 Billion in profits this last quarter--their highest proft margin ever. Thanks to the students of WCCC and other poor and working class people who are recruited to fight and die for EXXON and other corporations who earning megaprofits from their imperialist plunders. If you want to count the number of deaths based on political systems, you can begin with the more than a million children who have died in Iraq from U.S.-imposed sanctions and war. Or the million African American people who died from lack of access to healthcare in the US over the last 10 years.

I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won't dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs--such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again.

Prof. John Daly
Just wow.

It's not that I haven't read and heard that screed before. I've heard similar things from my upper division English profs, my grad school TA's, PhD candidates...everyone within the English department. It's actually gotten to be so old that I don't listen much to the specifics anymore - I just leave the room, come back in 10, and their still going. But they never put it in writing. They may put a poster up on their doors, or make suggestions to their classes about little, trivial things like where to shop or how to vote - ya know, nothing important. But they would never address me, in private, in writing, with how flawed my ideology is, and how superior they are.

Now, this Professor Daly can get beat over the head with his own stupid stick. I mean come on.
"Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs — such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again."
Are you high? Or just retarded? Have you never heard of the interwebdodecanomiconosphere? Do you not realize people will be screaming for your head, with reason on their side? Yeah, you can stand on your 1A rights - and you should - but Professor Daly, you are a fucking moron.

I really, really want to see Beach and her group eviscerate this professor. I've been watching cracks appear in their Ivory Towers for a while, but a victory in something like this would be a huge step forward for all college students.

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I don't pity the bastard one bit. I want his head on a pike. He should be made the example that Churchill wasn't. Who is the real radical, fascist on the Warren Campus - Daly or Beach?

To think: this is the guy that's teaching DEVELOPMENTAL READING at a public university. Thanks to David for showing me the Google cache site. For some reason, it doesn't suprise me to learn he recieved high marks at CSU Northridge.