Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Vote or Die Tuesday

It's funny. Yesterday, Smash posted ANSWER's California voter guide. This morning, I get this in my email from my union.
NO 74 Don't blame teachers
Needlessly lengthens K-12 teacher probation from two years to five
years during which teachers can be let go without justification

NO 75 Don't silence workers
Targets public employees by imposing spending restrictions on unions
that don't apply to other groups or corporations so workers can't
speak out on issues of education, pensions and health care

NO 76 Stop the budget power grab
Overturns the funding guarantee for schools and colleges and gives
the governor unprecedented power to cut the state budget unilaterally

NO 77 Stop premature redistricting
Prematurely mandates new legislative districts be created for 2006 by
three unelected and unaccountable retired judges

NO 78 Stop phony prescription drug program
Codifies the pharmaceutical industry's phony program to "voluntarily"
reduce prescription prices

YES 79 Provide affordable prescription drugs
Consumer plan to provide affordable prescription drugs to at least 8
million Californians with state enforcement

YES 80 Put an end to energy fraud
Consumer plan to prevent energy blackouts and massive fraud by
unregulated private energy producers
Anyone else see a resemblance?

I've already been to the polls today and voted pretty much opposite. I will be watching election coverage all day to see whether Prop 75 passed...I really really hope it does.

That reminds me...