Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Missing the Point

Pre-Kindergarten Student Brings Handgun to School

Three things immediately leapt to my mind while I read this article:

1. Thank god the gun was not discharged, and that no one was injured.

2. The owner/possessor of the gun is going to be in deep trouble, as well they should be. That's why I have a gun safe, locked at all times, even though there are no little kids or irresponsible people living in my household. Well, besides me.

3. The report glossed right over the good news:
A pre-kindergarten student brought a handgun to school, where it was seized by a fifth-grader and turned over to the principal, school district officials said Tuesday.

The 5-year-old reportedly displayed the loaded weapon outside the Blanton Elementary School cafeteria where students were gathered before class. The fifth-grader recognized it was real and took it to the principal.

The emphasis is mine, of course, but does anyone else not see the good in this statement? The fifth-grader was smart enough to recognize the weapon as real, and educated enough about gun safety to remove it from a potentially hazardous situation and deliver it to authorities. Bravo, kid! You get a gold star for that one.

Am I the only one who caught that?