Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Deep Blue Campus

Via Power Line:

This one particularly stood out to me, as a student of the California public education system:

Univ. of California

21 to 1

95% to 5%

694 to 28

I've long known and said that university campuses are resoundingly liberal, and that the political leanings (or radicalism, as the case may be) tend to seep into the classroom, and then outward from the classroom via the impressionable students. In fact, this could be documented and taught in a biology class as the first known type of non-organic capillary action.

Anyhow, there are many naysayers and detractors from the theory that campuses are overwhelmingly liberal. In fact, some college administrators where I work have dubbed me the campus token conservative...yet refuse to actually debate me. Faculty and staff at universities are liberal. Check out this interesting tidbit pulled from the Leadership Institute study:
According to Federal Election Commission records, five of the top twenty institutions of all types from which donors made contributions to John Kerry’s campaign—the University of California, Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and Columbia—were universities. The UC system and Harvard actually gave more than Viacom, JP Morgan, CitiGroup, and other corporate behemoths. In contrast, no university ranked in George W. Bush’s top twenty contributors.
Among other issues that the Leadership Institute draws from is the Ward Churchill debacle. How can America see this man for what he is (a stark, raving loony) while academia elevates him to the highest pedestal and shines the spotlight on him as a model for diversity of thought and educational freedom? The answer is that universities are seriously oblivious to the concerns, morals, beliefs and standards that govern everyone else. Comparing 9/11 victims to Nazis is apparently the fun thing to do between classes, where you crucify conservative students who dare speak their minds.

Yes, I have been a victim of academic discrimination. I was proselytized by a professor for suggesting that CA Senate Bill 5, the proposed "Students Bill of Rights," was a good idea, not the "neo-McCarthyist, anti-pluralism tripe" that he vehemently preached to the poor undergrads in our class. Come to think of it, I should post my response to him (which I presented in the Deans office, to protect my grades).

The point made overwhelmingly clear by the Leadership Institutes study is this:
The buzzword on campus is diversity. The reality on campus is conformity.
Read the whole thing.