Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Highway Bill in Traffic

The Senate is uniting on a $295 billion highway bill aimed at building bigger, better roads while creating tens of thousands of jobs, but the administration says it's too expensive for a country at war and in debt.

Courting what would be the first veto of the Bush presidency, the Senate was expected on Tuesday to overwhelmingly back a six-year package that, in addition to funding highway and bridge projects, would provide more than $50 billion for public transit, fund recreational road programs and promote highway safety.

$295 billion dollars...that comes down to around $1000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Some may say this is too much. I, however, respectfully disagree. If this Highway Bill can do anything to alleviate the approximately 10 hours I spend in traffic, commuting, a week, then I would consider it money well spent. Even if that were halved, it would save me, lets see...

48wks/yr * 5hrs/wk = (240hrs) Ok, so, 240 hours. I will have paid my part of that tax in full in a year if I were only making $5.20/hr, which I make fourfold.

Bring it on! Stop the traffic congestion!

Update: Bill Passes Senate Despite Veto Threat