Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kyoto Does It Again

In addition to enormous costs in terms of industry, jobs and money, the Kyoto Accord (the one we didn't sign, but Canada did) is now helping harm Canada's potentially killing a species around since the time of the dinosaurs.

The agreement, to which Canada is a signatory, recently sparked a massive planning effort in this country to build more than 100 new hydro-electric dams in central and western parts of the country to generate cleaner energy and replace aging fossil-fuel-burning plants to meet Canada's reduced greenhouse gas emissions target (six percent below 1990 levels) under Kyoto.

But, these structures will cut off the armour-plated lake sturgeon that once swam in nearly every river and lake in North America, survived predation by dinosaurs and was a staple for local aboriginals for centuries, from its breeding grounds as well as destroy its habitat, said environmentalists.

When I was backpacking in Alaska and Canada last year, I was amazed at the amount and diversity of the wildlife I encountered. Of course, when I saw the black bear, I wished I'd stayed at home, or brought my rifle at least. Bald eagles were everywhere, like seagulls here at home...well, not quite. The rivers and lakes offered excellent fishing, and I'm sure that the numerous rams, bears, elk and deer I saw were just as suprised to see me as I was them.

My point is that much of Canada is a pristine, almost untouched wilderness. They signed the Kyoto treaty on the basis of faulty science (heat island effect, anyone?) and international pressure. What they are going to end up doing is damaging their most valuable natural resource and endangering native species. The effects of the treaty are too vague, the principles too simplistic, and the execution ridiculously flawed.

These fellows agree with me, though many, many others don't.
The Leipzig Declaration
Dr Robert Balling, (this site is a veritable clearinghouse on climate/environmental information)

Update: Animal Activists Gone Wild! This is not the way to get things done. Seriously, get help, people.