Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Olbermann Incites Moonbat Stampede

In a daring attempt at mixing the blog spice into the journalistic rue, Keith Olbermann has inadvertantly driven 16 people insane, and caused numerous strokes, seizures and respiratory failure in scores more. As Olbermann addresses the effect caused by the recent Newsweek fiasco, he inadvertantly included a piece of rhetoric from a far-left wing message board that he had forgotten to delete out of his "clipboard." Accidentally hitting Ctrl+v just as he hit the submit button, he allowed this tidbit to get out:
Firstly, the principal reporter on the Gitmo story was Michael Isikoff - “Spikey” in a different lifetime; Linda Tripp’s favorite journalist, and one of the ten people most responsible (intentionally or otherwise) for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Spikey isn’t just a hero to the Right - the Right owes him.

And larger still, in terms of politics, this isn't well-defined, is it? I mean Conservatives might parrot McClellan and say ‘Newsweek put this country in a bad light.’ But they could just as easily thump their chests and say ‘See, this is what we do to those prisoners at Gitmo! You guys better watch your asses!’

The collective gasps of suprise caused a vacuum to form in various cafes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston. The ensuing lack of oxygen further reduced brain cells in the afflicted, thus sparking comments like this:
My reading of the Newsweek statements -- How a Fire Broke Out | The Editor's Desk -- informs me that Newsweek has not, in fact, disavowed its story.

What happened is that their Pentagon source f--ked them over.

(Who knows why. Maybe he/she had to. God only knows if the source has been outted, if Karl Rove knows who the source is, and what's being said and done to the source. All we can do is imagine, for now, what's going on in D.C.)

Not "Hey, this might have been false." or "Wow, I guess we were wrong."...No, just a four-lettered verb, describing succintly the left's interpretation of this issue.