Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Two-tone Twosome

My sorta-daily carry combo.

Thanks to Hornady for the nifty pistol-propper-upper.


I should actually tell you what the hardware is.

The pistol is a Kahr Arms P9 9mm polymer framed semiauto. It's very lightweight, holds 7+1 or 8+1 rounds and has a DAO trigger with about 7.5lbs of smooth pull. I don't like the post-dot sight very much, and eventually I'm going to get a 24/7 sight installed. As it is, its my favorite carry gun and I can shoot it well. I bought it shortly after I turned 21, when I saw it sitting on the consignment rack at my local shop. It had a $400 tag on it, but I managed to get them to go for $375 with another factory mag and a Bianchi IWB holster. Carrying this little thing IWB attracts no attention whatsoever, because it doesn't print at all. Thats a good thing here in the Land of the Not-so-free.

The knife is an Emerson Commander with "the wave." The recurve blade is partially serrated and makes the perfect "forearm filleter" as my buddy used to say - whip it out if someone grabs you, put the recurve on their wrist and push up into their forearm for the fillet. The only time I ever got into a fight that escalated to knives, this one was in my pocket. The handle is G10 and the liners are 6AL4V titanium. The blade is about 3.5" of 154CM. I'd rather it was VG-10 or a CPM steel, like S30V or 440V (yeah, I know, its now known as S60V, but habits die hard) but what ya gonna do. The only gripes I have about this knife are that the pivot screw is a flathead, and tends to back out. I wish it were a torx. Other than that, its hard on the edges of pockets. The loop is whats left of one of my ex's black scrunchie hair ties. It loops over the tip of the blade securely, so the blade doesn't partially open when you pull it out of the pocket. Because the material is flexible, it doesn't impede the "wave" opening at all - you just need to pull hard enough.

The bullet pictured is a 124gr +P Federal EFMJ that I carry in the pistol. The EFMJ's feed more reliably on the itty-bitty feed ramp than some JHP's, hence the choice. The shotshell is Hornday TAP 12ga 00 buck.