Friday, December 23, 2005

The Credit Card That Will Never Go Away

I have another reason to max out my charge card. Thanks be unto Alan at Blogonomicon.

Just when I thought I could get away with a couple months of no gun buying, this had to come up.

I guess my XD40 will soon be relegated to truck gun status, and the .45 version will be on the nightstand.


No dealers in my area have them, nor do they know when they will get them. Two didn't know they existed, and one said he had one, but confirmed it was .45GAP. Yech.

Update the Second

I don't get the cool 13 round magazines - I get neutered 10 rounders. My joy just lessened a bit at that realization. eBay, here I come and you better have the damn things!

Update the Third

Joint Combat Pistol implications? We'll have to wait and see I guess, but I don't doubt the robustness of the XD at all.