Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Control This!

David Codrea at The War On Guns points us toward an online, pictographic petition to stop arms sales in the world. Not illegal arms sales, just all of them. The people who started it don't make any distinction between a person being murdered by gangs or a woman shooting her stalker in self-defense - to them, both actions are equally reprehensible. There is something fundamentally wrong with that way of thinking.
Our Million Faces petition is collecting photos and self portraits from around the world to reach our goal of one million faces by June 2006. We will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world's governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty.
I had an image I saw online a while back, one of Oleg Volk's, sitting in "My Documents" that I thought adequately expressed how I feel about this little utopian pet project.

Send one in yourself, and spread the word. They won't display them. I don't doubt that for a minute. But disrupting their little cocoon of utopian rhetoric is worth it.

Update: Yup, they definately aren't posting our images. Censoring the free exchange of ideas? Liberals? Noooooo!??!?!?! It also doesn't suprise me, in fact I had to laugh, to see my ex-girlfriends picture in there. We had some major...differences, to say the least.

Control This! II
Control This! III