Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coming Soon!

Oh God. What have I done?

I ordered my upper assembly and other assorted parts today. Cleaning kits, buttstocks, ammo, mags, optics - all are dancing in my head.

The best part? I ordered the kit from Del-ton. They rock. Nay, they r0x0rZ my b0xorz!1!! They're building it NOW, to have it headspaced, test-fired and shipped tomorrow, so I get it from UPS FRIDAY! How freakin' cool is that? And the nice lady I spoke with was very helpful and helped me get exactly the stuff I wanted, even though it was outside the norm.

Needless to say, all my friends will now be buying from them. And I have to thank Tam for inadvertently telling me about Del-ton's existence. Otherwise, I'd be wrestling a vice and action block right now, screwing up a barrel while trying to build an upper.

This weekend I will have pics and plans, detailed step-by-step er, steps, and maybe, hopefully, possibly a range report. That is, if Bushmaster hurries the hell up and ships my BATFE approved 10-rd mag.


You may think I'm over reacting, but this is a kind of a coup in CA. I never thought I'd be able to build a black rifle, who cares if its neutered, but just getting one is a joy.