Monday, January 30, 2006

Wallet Overboard!

I'm spec'ing out what I want for my first AR upper receiver right now. I've got it narrowed down to exactly the parts and manufacturers I want, its just a matter of placing the order and waiting patiently, with bated breath, for UPS to arrive.

Let me know if I've forgotten anything.

CMT Flat-top receiver w/ feed ramps and Wilson chrome-lined barrel, 1:9
Chromed bolt assembly
PRI Gasbuster charging handle
Knights Free-float RAS
PRI Gas block/flip front sight
ARMS Back-up iron sight
TangoDown Battle Grip
Ace Socom Stock
Lower parts kit
Detachable mag kit (blech!)

I'll be adding a Surefire M910A and a Trijicon Reflex that I already have. I may also get a better trigger, after I see how the standard one feels.

This is going to be the most expensive gun in my safe, but I have two reasons for going with all the pomp and circumstance. First, this is my very first AR. You free-staters may scoff at people hanging accessories off of over-priced rail kits, secure in knowing that your 17 AR's will never be tarnished by that filth, but rather revel in their pristine, natural condition. Hogwash, I say. If I only get one or two, I'm going all out. The second reason I'm going buckwild is because I just pumped a G into my gun fund playing cards last weekend, and if I don't spend it on the AR project, I'll probably buy a Glock or something that won't be as cool or get as much use.

I'm also picking up a couple more lowers. That way, I can build other permutations further on down the line.

I'm so excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas who threatened Santa into bringing exactly what he wanted!