Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Foe

Gophers: 0 Me: 0

My gopher hunting adventure ends in defeat.

Not because I didn't try. I got up this morning and went to have lunch with my folks. My dad and I unshipped our rifles afterward, and setup on the back porch overlooking the yard. I found a half-dozen mounds and uncovered the holes, hoping to draw the gophers out. I also put down some doggy biscuits as bait, since I read somewhere that that works.

About an hour later.
"You sure you have a gopher problem?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Well, just that I haven't seen a gopher, all day, but that wood pile down there seems to be brimming with ground squirrels."
"Your mom likes the squirrels, and the dog loves to chase them."
"Yeah, but they're the ones digging holes. Not gophers."

So, after consulting with my mom, they decided they could live with holes in the lawn. Apparently watching the dog fruitlessly chase the little beasts outweighs the damage they do. I suggested they adopt a tough cat that'd get the squirrels and that the dog could chase, but they figure they'll have to replace the cat every so often when it gets eaten by a mountain lion.

I guess we'll have to see who's the better shot at the range or out in the desert. There's just something so satisfying about blowing up soda cans and lightbulbs in the desert than punching paper, so maybe thats what we'll do.