Thursday, January 26, 2006

Utility Infielder

Everyone has that one gun if their safe that occupies no role specifically, but will adequately fill whatever role you need to put it in.

This is mine.

A Ruger P90 in .45ACP. Alloy frame, Hogue grips, single stack mag. Bare bones package kinda gun.

Nothing fancy. Not even a gun thats pretty to look at. In fact, its gotta be the homliest of all of my shooters. But damn if I can't count on it.

This is the gun that I lent my parents to take on a cross-country RV trip when they expressed a desire to have something in case the SHTF. This gun left my possession, transferred into the name of a good girl friend of mine, when her TRO didn't seem to be deterring her ex-fiance and she didn't have the money to buy a gun of her own. Her new husband and his USP.45 do the trick now, so I got this one back. I taught my kid brother to handle centerfire pistols with this gun.

This gun has been dropped in a stream, accidentally soaked in Coca Cola (as well as the rest of my pack...grrrr), dropped in DG and gravel, and had mud and snow jammed up the barrel when mud and uneven footing caused me to tumble down a short embankment.

Through it all, it keeps shooting fist sized groups with whatever decent or crappy ammo I put through it. It feeds everything. The DA trigger pull is nothing to write home about, and the SA pull is a little creepy, but it still feels good in the hand. The Hogue grips help with that. The ambi safety/decocker mean that a lefty can shoot it. It'll go anywhere and do anything. Almost.

It just sits in the back of the safe, patiently waiting for a task to be assigned to it. It never gets any attention or gets the glamorous treatment. It's time I sung its praises.