Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fair Warning

I was going to try and put up a real post tomorrow. Not the little, piddling crap I've been doing, but an actual range report or an essay - something of substance.

Now, I guess its gonna have to wait.

Tomorrow, I'll be grabbing my wetsuit and longboard and taking advantage of a mid-winter swell. Waves up to 10' are predicted, maybe as high as 15' by Thursday.

I almost never surf anymore. I just don't have the time to dedicate a whole day to going to the beach, and consequently I only go out when the surf is going off.

I have a feeling I could be getting my ass handed to me by mother nature. I guess thats the price you pay sometimes...


So, I spent about 4 hours at the beach.

Lifeguards were out, warning people away from the daunting surf. They were recommending only experienced surfers go into the water.

"Are you an experienced surfer?"


Well, I used to be...4 years ago.

So I spent most of the day wiping out, getting rolled around on the bottom, and getting smashed in the head by the higher swells. There were only about a dozen surfers out, but there were lots of people on the pier in Imperial Beach watching the sets roll in.

So, I'm a little sore, I've got some serious sandpaper going on, and I'm more than a little tired.

Excuse me, I must now go take a shower in the yard with the hose.