Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fantasy Football

I always used to make fun of the guys that played fantasy football until I played in a league this year.

Now I know better.

This stuff is addicting. Do you play? No? Good. Don't do it unless you have a spare 3 hours to research your team matchups every week, not to mention the draft analysis time and the time spent in front of Stat-Tracker on the weekends. Sheesh...

On the up side, my team has been dominant lately. That one Tiki Barber guy seems to be doing pretty well, not to mention the recent joy I've been getting from Matt Hasselbeck, Chris Chambers and Terry Glenn, who was a waiver wire gamble but turned in a solid week 14 performance. My only low performers are the Titans - McNair, Bennet and Brown, plus the defense, warm my bench every week. Granted, last week McNair/Bennett would have been a great hookup, but nobody would have put them against Seattle's D.

Did I mention this stuff is addictive?

I should also mention that, while I was getting the hang of managing the team, I went on an 0-7 slide, effectively putting myself out of contention even though I now have the most dominant team in my league and the longest winning streak.

Oh well.

What would be kind of cool is an all-blogger league... do an online draft and compete for bragging rights...hmmm.