Thursday, December 15, 2005


More tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm busy.

First Thoughts: Friday, 11:10a

It's cooler than I remember it. Of course, thats probably cognitive dissonance coupled with 10 days of waiting speaking, but hey - I like how it looks.

I field stripped and cleaned it. I'm probably going to detail strip it later, but I'm not that familiar with 1911's yet.

Everything is pristine - there have been less than 300 rounds thru this gun, total. The bore is clean and the rifling is sharp. The trigger is crisp, though it could use some work.

The finish is in great shape. In fact, I'm beginning to think I should leave it alone in regards to getting work done. To cut and fit a beavertail would destroy the finish, so I'm heavily leaning away from that at this point. I'll just have to buy another 1911 in the near future - one with more of the tactical acoutrements. Oh, darn...

I'm going to the range tonight or tomorrow to put it thru its paces. I remember it being an accurate gun from the last time I went shooting with the friend who previously owned it, so we'll see. I have various weights and configurations to try and find the best load.

I don't want to jack up the grips, so I swapped a set for a TRP onto it. Those black sandpaper grips look great on it and make it really stick in the hand.

All in all, I'm really please. I can't wait to go shoot it and I'm trying to figure out which holster I want to buy for it (and my many other future 1911's).