Thursday, October 20, 2005

When Animals Attack!

Bambi was a wimp

Getting a CCW in California is just short of impossible if you have a really, really good reason, and impossible if - like me - you just want to be able to carry in certain situations occasionally.

I live in a suburban area, but we get some coyotes and deer roaming around, but nothing too major. My folks live in the mountains, complete with mountain lions and all. I always thought I might have to shoot a cat, and I've killed coyotes who were eating one of my cats, but deer? I'm putting "deer attacks" on my request form as the justification for applying the next time I waste $200 trying for a CCW.

Via SignonSanDiego:
On Sept. 25, Ron Dudek went into his back yard to pick tomatoes when he unexpectedly came upon a 6-foot-tall deer next to his house. The buck hit him with its antlers in the face, tearing a hole in his cheek and shoving the bony antler into his mouth.
As a result of complications from this wound, Mr Dudek died. He isn't the only one who experienced recent deer-on-man violence, either. The little buggers have apparently been biding their time...
On Sept. 29, a deer pinned a man against his house in Covelo, in Mendocino County. His wife hit the animal with a piece of firewood and it turned on her, biting a chunk out of her arm. On Oct. 11, a deer killed a dog in a yard in Orinda and attacked three others in the neighborhood.
I'm outraged! Where were the police, the rangers, the security guards? Does this kind of stuff happen in other parts of the country? I always thought bambi was kinda docile...unless you douse yourself in urine like that guy they show in When Animals Attack! all the time.

Apparently, California deer are sick and tired of being hunted and have turned on the hunters. I for one won't stand for it. I want a concealable DA handgun in .480 Ruger for when Deer Attack!

Do you know whats in your backyard???

They got him, the bastard.
"Even after the incident, this buck continued to just hang around. It was getting bolder."
Not laughing now, are ya Rudolph?
Tom Dudek, one of their four sons, said he was worried that the deer might attack his mother, too.
I wonder if he has friends? Oh well, just spray cougar urine on your house and you'll be safe. A .30-06 wouldn't hurt either...