Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Project 2000

I made another visit to the range today instead of attending one of those pesky "class" things. I'm really liking this Project 2000 range I joined up at. They have late hours during the week, are open 7 days and offer great rates to members. Rifle range out to 50 or 100 yards. Pistols at shorter ranges. Plus, it is a completely controlled environment in which to shoot. No crosswinds or thermals to shoot over, ensuring I can get an accurate zero and adjust for conditions later.

Today, I utilized the 25 yard pistol lanes. And for some reason, I've been obsessed with rimfires lately, so thats all I took with me.

Next thing I may do is have the MkII drilled and tapped for a base so I can use that ACOG reflex sight I like so much. (on top of the Remington box.) I'm contemplating installing a titanium firing pin and extractor they had in the case, as well.

I may go again tomorrow to do some speed shooting drills with my XD40 at 10 yards. I learned a couple of things from a Ranger and a friend when I visited Kentucky that I am anxious to try out here with a gun I'm familiar with. Hoping for tight groups.

Anybody in the SoCal area - this is by far the best range in San Diego County. I went to South Bay Rod/Gun and Magnolia all the time until I discovered this place, and a membership is worth it. Anyone going to be in the area and wants to shoot, drop me a line and I'll see if I can get you the member price...on the condition you share your toys. Heh.