Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Prop 75 Revisited

The issues that I discussed before are apparently too hard to grasp for the highly paid goons in my employees union. I don't really blame the guy getting paid $12/hr to call and harass me for making a living, but I do blame the union for paying him to call me at home, after working hours, and request that I put up yard signs for ballot initiatives that I completely disagree with. Maybe I shouldn't have read him the riot act; maybe I should have just let it slide by; maybe I shouldn't request a meeting with my "representative." Maybe I'm taking this too far...but wait, they're still using my money, so this is MY issue.

The girls that hand out flyers to passing people don't even know what they say, let alone what is at the heart of the issues. Is that their fault? Not really, no...rather, the union that creates and dispenses agitprop literature via different mediums is at fault. The same union that takes a percentage of my pay every month. That same money that goes to fund those leaflets that I totally and unequivocably oppose. That same conflict that prop 75 would seek to alleviate.

No longer should this union be allowed to use my money to fund propaganda that I despise about programs I oppose.

No more.

Yes on Prop 75. Please urge all California voters to help protect the little guys, and demand accountability for our mandatory, enforced "contributions."