Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Just got back from class...

...and I am LIVID!

There is a point when you just can't tell how much farther the rabbit hole goes. I think I discovered that point-of-no-return tonight. I was sitting in a writing class, and we were workshopping papers. Workshopping serves two big purposes to the budding writer - first, it allows fresh eyes to look at your work and see any egregious errors you may have made. Second, it allows you to get a fresh perspective and any alternate viewpoints the group thinks you should consider.

So, we were workshopping.

In a humanities/lit class.

At a liberal college.

In Southern California.

I have a tendency to write stuff that doesn't get me in trouble, so this rant isn't about me. Case in point - this opinion piece I submitted tonight was about dark beer being better than light beer. Quite a stretch for me, you can be sure. Anyway...


Why the fuck...I just...

OK, so this girl writes a paper to have it workshopped. On the surface, the paper appears to be pro-Colombus in content, and argues that whatever preconceptions the reader may have, they should approach the subject objectively. APPROACH. THE. SUBJECT. OBJECTIVELY.

The paper goes on to make the point that many Ivory Tower academics (my term, not hers) have more of a tendency to teach dirt and smut in their courses than verifiable facts. For instance, in a history class I had, a teacher gave us a *wink wink nudge nudge* "Colombus raped 12 year old girls personally," lecture. WTF, dude?!?! Can you back up these claims or what? No, but that didn't stop him from teaching it.

So anyway, of course the class goes beyond the thesis of the paper which is...say it with me...APPROACH THE SUBJECT OBJECTIVELY. For fucks sake. These wannabe egghead haiku writing motherfuckers lay into this poor young woman like there is no academic basis to her argument. The prof decides to go around the room with her paper and HERS ALONE and smiles and agrees with nearly every whiny little prick in the class. Here's some sample comments.

"I was really offended when, like, you referred to the reader as a short sighted and gullible when discussing Colombus."

"I think you need to present the other side of the argument, because this stuff just, like, pisses the reader off."

"I couldn't disagree more with your paper. I just couldn't even get through it, I was so infuriated by this."

"Like some other people said, this paper pisses people off. So what? Isn't that the point of an opinion paper? What do you want - a bunch of stuff you can nod your head to and not think critically about? The structure is fine, the arguments are sound, and I think its great you picked a controversial topic."

Oh wait, that last one was me.

What a bunch of whiny little shits.

My fear is that the undergrad population is getting so ensconced in their little left-wing ideaology circle jerks that they have lost the ability to think critically. For instance, when someone tells them to approach a subject matter with objectivity, they immediately become defensive and attack the person telling them to cool off.

Fucking idiots.


I am so tired of this crap, this school, these people. I need to get the hell out of here. I need a cold beer and a hot woman right now. One of two ain't half bad...