Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stone Brewing Redux

I Love the Smell of Hops in the Morning

Last night was a friend of mine's birthday, so needless to say we went out drinking, gambling and whoring. In the process of getting rightly smashed, I had the good thinking and good fortune to try some more of Stone Brewing Companies new brews.

You may recall I posted about my elation over Stone bringing back their Imperial Russian Stout. I wrongly reported the alcohol content at 9%, when the bottle lists it as 10.4%. That's what started the evening out, before we even left his house.

I got to try two other Stone Brew's I hadn't yet sampled. The first is their Levitation ale. It's a very smooth ale, with a crisp hop finish and great body. The thing that makes the Levitation unique is the reason they gave it it's name - it has a very low specific gravity. Anyone who knows a bit about homebrewing knows this is important to the final effect of your brew. Too high and it makes for bread in a glass, too low and you get bubbly water. Levitation is unique in that it tastes like a great Pale Ale while going down as smooth and refreshing as a Michelob Light on a hot day. It's a good thing they only made it 4.4% alcohol, or you could get screwed up really quick...

The other beer I tried, in a big 22oz. bottle, was their other India Pale Ale, Ruination. I should warn readers at this point - if you don't like hoppy beers, don't try Ruintation. India's are already considered hoppy, normally over 45 IBU's, with Stone's normal IPA coming in at 77 IBU's. Ruination tops 100. It will hit you like a slap in the face, then the nearly 8% alcohol content will hit you like a kick in the pants.

These aren't beers for the weak of heart, but if you like a challenge or you want to experience why I keep writing about Stone, order one or two and try them for yourself or try to find them in your area.

I'm going to need to not drink as much when I'm playing poker...where'd my money go?

A view from the fridge, for motivation...Heh.