Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Shinier Shade of Badass

I've written about this gun before. It was my first 1911 and I came upon it when a friend of mine needed some cash.

I post this picture now, after said friends fiance informed me she wants to buy it back for him as a wedding gift. So ho-hum, it will be leaving my possession soon. Good thing I hadn't dropped it off at the gunsmith yet for an uber-expensive work over.


Encompassing all the standard, battle proven features of the Browning designed M1911 pistol, this gun is one degree removed from its military predecessors. It's nickel plated.

Springfield Armory handled the nickel job to make sure its nice and smooth and uniform. It makes it easy to clean but its a bitch to keep looking good. It takes fingerprints better than the cast of CSI. It looks great in a holster on my hip, but it accumulates all types of little scratches.

Maybe it is better I get something I can be a little rougher on... but then I wouldn't be able to play Jules...