Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday 13 and Zombies, Oh My!

The New Carnival of Cordite is up. I didn't submit anything this week because, frankly, all I did was take naughty pictures of guns. So I'll do my own "Carnival of South Park Pundit vs. Zombies" edition.

However, Gully touched on a subject near and dear to my heart - zombie hunting. I can't wait. Tonight may be like Halloween was - creepy and with body parts strewn around.

I've written about zombies before, and specifically what we can learn from the various "documentaries" that are available on the subject. I'm not worried. Really, I'm not. I have what is likely the most effective weapon against zombies - a well barricaded house. I can sit on my roof with my 10/22 and pick them off. I only have about 6000 rounds of .22lr, so that ought to last at least an hour.

Then, if they do get into the house, I have my fall back all planned out. First, decimate the invaders with my first-line weapons. Then, hit the garage and transfer all weapons and ammo to my jeep and my buddies truck. Then, strike out for the mountains and my parents house, where there are enough guns, ammo and supplies laid in to hold the hoarde off for months. If necessary, we can take our gear and hike into town for more supplies.

I recently recommended a new text on zombie hunting - I've read it; have you?

Good luck tonight.

I should mention...

Go here and read the Zombie Chronicles.

Also, I just started my 10-day wait for my lower receiver, to build my anti-zombie rifle with. Muahahahaha...